How Lucky I Am .... for loving U

Every moment of every day,
I think about my good fortune.
Ever since you found my works,
back in the beginning of June.

Through the intervening days,
we've talked and conversed.
We talk about everything,
the topics are so diverse.

We've both been smitten
by loves now gone.
Each of us wanting
a bright new dawn.

We've found that beginning
between the two of us.
Each of us amazed
at the other's genius.

It seems so natural to talk
and listen to the other.
And so very special for me,
since I almost didn't bother.

My heart was tired,
to many had used it wrong.
I thought I just might quit,
that is until you came along.

Now I smile each day,
thinking about you constantly.
Your pictures grace my walls,
your emails I await happily.

My heart wants to explode,
I want to rejoice endlessly.
Mere words can only hint at
what joy you have brought me.

In you, I see the culmination
of my hopes, wishes, and dreams.
Yet you surpass eventhat,
you are so much more it seems.

Before I had believed,
my life would not improve.
And you come fluttering in,
making my life's bumps smooth.

Trials and tribulations,these I've gone through before.Now I'm rewarded with overwhelming joy,
amazed at how you can offer more.

You are happiness and joy,
love and protection personified.
You offer me everything,
and call it justified.

I cannot express my awe,
on how you feel about me.
It brings tears to my eyes,
just thinking of you caring for me.

I seem to have only known,
hate, loneliness, and despair.
And you have come into my life,
bringing hope and care.

The journey I thought,
would go on for months or years.
And what a wonderful surprise it's been,
having you to allay my fears.

The only thanks I can give,
for how much you continue to do,
is for me to say quite humbly,
that I love you.

Those words used to mean so much,
and now they don't seem adequate.
I cannot describe how much I love you, no word I know could fit.

So, I can only say repeatedly,
about as often as my heart beats,
how lucky I am that you found me,
and for showering me with treats.

My life I will pledge to you eventually,
of that I have no doubt.
Because in you I see,
my heart need no longer pout.

So please accept this little poem,
as a very inadequate way,
to communicate what I feel for you,
each and every day.

And remember each night,
as you drift off to sleep,
I will be right there beside you,
you are within my keep.

So, I finish my story,
wondering how lucky I could be,
just because of you,
and how deeply you love me.

I love you, NURUL SAYANG ...
Thank you for making me the happiest I've ever been ......

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