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Royal Abu Bakar Museum
(The Grand Palace) This palace was commissioned by Sultan Abu Bakar who laid the foundation stone in 1864. One of the oldest buildings in Johor Bahru, The Grand Palace has a cosmopolitan architecture with clear Anglo-Malay influence. Today the palace assumes additional role as the Royal Abu Bakar Museum, displaying treasures of the royal collection.

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque
Officially opened by the late Sultan Ibrahim in 1890, this mosque is considered one of the finest in Malaysia. It took eight years to complete at a cost of RM 4000 000. Its architectural design and setting atop at hill with sweeping view of the Straits of Johor makes this mosque a famed landmark. 

Sultan Ibrahim Building
The massive building on Bukit Timbalan dominates the skyline of Johor Bahru. The Saracenic character and fine mosaic detail particularly of the grand hall makes this one of the most interesting in Johor Bahru.

The Royal Mausoleum
The Royal Mausoleum has been the finest resting place for the Royalty of Johor. The Mausoleum is situated along Jalan Mahmoodiah. An area where one can help but appreciate the serene and tranquil atmospheres befitting a resting place for eternity. The Mausoleumís architecture is one of a fine, unique and aesthetic design of yesteryears.

Istana Bukit Serene
His Majesty the Sultan of Johor resides in the palace. Perched on high ground with a 3000 metres tower, the palace is a landmark to travellers coming from the north. It contains one of the most beautiful gardens in Johor and a private zoo.

Sultan Abu Bakar Monument
This monument created in the seafront opposite the courthouse commemorates Sultan Abu Bakar (1864-1895), as the architect of modern Johor. A bronze replica of the Johor crown surmounts the monument.